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Monday, January 26, 2009

The definition of insanity...

So we now have a Secretary of the Treasury who has officially stated that he was unfamiliar with certain parts of the IRS regulations. Pardon me? The guy tasked with leading the IRS isn't really sure how they do business?

That strikes me as being as crazy as a heart surgeon who is reading Open Heart 101 while he's performing a bypass. Or like a CIA director whose concept of spying is akin to a kid listening through his sister's wall with a glass. Or like a President who isn't too sure about the Executive Orders he's issuing and continually has to ask his Press Secretary to clarify things.

Oh yeah, I forgot. We have those things, too.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” By that standard, our country is on the brink of a rubber room. They've elected a President without caring about his credentials, and they now expect him to hang the moon. He, in turn, has surrounded himself with some people people with questionable credentials, and they're supposed to assist in the moon-hanging.

Timothy Geithner, our new Secretary of the Treasury, is supposed to be too talented to pass up. This would-be genius is being billed as the only guy who can fix our economy, but he's not talented enough to accurately pay his own taxes. I guess there were no talented folks out there who could figure out the nuances of TurboTax.

Leon Panetta, our new CIA Director-in-waiting, will be tasked with waging the War on Terror behind the scenes, but he and the intelligence community will have to get acquainted first. Panetta has never had any firsthand experience with the world of intelligence, but his proponents say that, as Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff, he consumed a lot of intelligence that the President received. By that standard, since I've helped my wife grade papers and put together her lesson plans, I might be ready to step into the classroom and teach. We might want to put together a collection so we can buy Mr. Panetta the entire Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan library. Methinks the fictional Mr. Ryan might actually be the right guy for this job.

Of course, in those books, Mr. Ryan eventually became President Ryan, and I'll bet he never turned to his Press Secretary to ask him about the particulars of the most recent presidential Executive Orders. Of course, Mr. Obama is still getting his feet wet, so we might need to cut him some slack. But, as he told GOP congressional leaders this week: "I won." To the winner go the spoils, and this will certainly hold true for Mr. Obama. He'll get to impose a pork- (and maybe porn-) laden "stimulus" bill on the American people. He'll get to close Guantanamo Bay and ship the inmates God-knows-where (hopefully to live with Jack Murtha). He'll get to promote abortion-by-any-means, perhaps even by including it in the stimulus bill; because, as we all know, nothing boosts our economy like a lot of new birth control measures. And he'll get to put questionable people in place around him to help him accomplish a strong dose of good, old-fashioned insanity.

But to the victor also goes the scrutiny. While most of the media is still giving Mr. Obama and his cadre the proberbial pass, there is an increasing number of askance looks and questions about his policies. The honeymoon isn't over, but he's already past the midway point, and he's heading back for the real marriage. We're living in a country where every congressional economic meddling measure has fallen flat, and where each day seems to bring another round of job cuts by major corporations. In that light, it's doubtful that, should Mr. Obama's plans fail, the American people will have much patience to continue in that direction. And then, we might just see the media see insanity for what it is ... and finally do their jobs.


Of course, should these measures not work out so well, Republicans will have the opportunity to make their own changes, and the place that will start is at the upcoming organizational meetings. Here in Georgia, we will have Mass Precinct Meetings on Saturday, Feb. 7. In Cobb County, all of the precinct meetings will be held in a single location -- that means we'll have 175 meetings in the same place at the same time. This year, it's at Jim Miller State Park, where enormous exhibition barns double as meeting halls. Hope their heat is up to snuff for the event -- early indications are that we'll have temperatures close to freezing when the doors close at 10 a.m.

Here in Cobb, you won't find the White House's brand of insanity in place. Here, we have creative and visionary leadership in place, so we can expect the Cobb GOP to put together a strong plan to reestablish Cobb County as the premier Republican county in Georgia. Pay no attention to Cobb's sag in GOP numbers in 2008. In reality, the party's leadership has been using complacency and inaction as a ploy to fool the Democrats into thinking that the GOP doesn't know what it's doing. Rest assured that this must be a Trojan Horse tactic that will suddenly catch the Democrats off-guard in 2010.

Of course, some of you might be skeptical about the way the county party is running its affairs. If that's the case, you might want to bring a blanket and show up to Cobb's icy affair. The only way to change the direction of the Cobb GOP is to be there on Feb. 7 so you can be counted as one of your precinct's representative's to the Cobb County GOP Convention (March 14), and also to the Cobb County GOP Committee. The bi-annual convention is where the county party elects its leaders, and you can't vote on that unless you brave the elements on Feb. 7. Like I said, I'm sure our leaders must be doing a good job, but I'll still be there to do my Republican duty a week from this Saturday. Look for me -- I'll be the guy with a giant cup of coffee.

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